I was visiting America earlier this month and left to return to Hong Kong on Friday December 21st, the day America shutdown some government services at midnight — again! The current shutdown is the 5th in a couple decades. The 3rd since Trump was sworn in as president.

On January 28, 2018, I posted a blog titled America Shutdown and Broken regarding the last shutdown that lasted a few day and lamented that Washington’s career politicians were merely kicking the can down the road. Here we are again on that same road. Unfortunately, this shutdown will last more than a few days. It already has.

With Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives in a couple weeks, it is unlikely Trump will get his funding for the wall that triggered the shutdown. Maybe a “beaded curtain” according to Nancy Pelosi. It remains to be seen how Washington’s career politicians will get around the conundrum they got themselves — and the country — into.

In my January 28 blog I said:

“There is something wrong with this picture.
American taxpayers paying their taxes, federal
employees doing their job, not getting what they
are promised, while career politicians not doing
their job and getting paid for their failed promises
is the ultimate-definition proof of how broken
America is politically.


We ain’t seen nothing yet. The 3-day shutdown is
nothing compared to what is on the horizon.”

The current shutdown is testimony to how broken the democracy envisioned by America’s Founding Fathers is. It is the founding principles of the great American republic that have to be built — AGAIN! Not a wall!


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