Unbelievable! Just when I thought America couldn’t get any more divided — these disunited states of America have become just that. More divided and disunited — to the extreme! Just what America doesn’t need.

The 2020 presidential election unexpectedly kicked into high gear prematurely. It has brought into focus the dog’s breakfast surrounding the 2016 Biden-Clinton-Manafort-Russia-cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike-DNC-Fusion GPS-Steele collusion and corruption charges, and Ukrainian role back to the future — and impeachment inquiry, committee hearings and government paralysis. Just what America and the world needs as Iran and North Korea fire missiles at their adversaries, India and Pakistan duke it out over Kashmir — and the world looks like its heading into a recession.

The partisan warfare that the impeachment battles will inevitably bring out will scare the s… out of world leaders afraid to speak freely and frankly with a U.S. president.

George Washington rejected congressmen’s demands to obtain the contents of his foreign negotiations, which in those days where in writing. He said it would “establish a dangerous precedent.” Washington, unlike today’s politicians in Washington D.C., understood “the nature of foreign negotiations requires caution, and their success must often depend on secrecy.”

Whistle blowers protect the people. George Washington insisted they be protected and disclose activities that hurt America. But not publicly.

The fact that Michael Atkinson, the Trump-appointed inspector general, said his preliminary review found some signs “of an arguable political bias on the part of the [whistleblower] in favor of a rival political candidate,” but nonetheless concluded the allegations appeared credible, is reason for the appropriate committees to investigate — behind closed doors with no leaks!

The impeachment inquiry should not become a Democratic self-serving 2020 election tool. Neither should the Republican Team Trump defense and counter-attack. Let’s not forget, impeachment is a political process, not a legal one.

Both parties have to remember the majority of Americans, and American voters, are Independents!  They don’t give a damn about either party and only care about America.

Reading the transcript, both parties partisan strategies could backfire and an ugly backlash follow. The good news, it may just be the political enema America needs.

Having met Speaker Pelosi at President Jimmy Carter’s inauguration in 1977, and represented The Donald in the mid 90’s, I don’t believe either wants to plunge America into a constitutional crisis.

The Founding Fathers made sure impeachment is one of America’s political cornerstones. But not at the expense of a United States of America. Their primary goal was to keep America united. The rule of law and checks and balances being the underpinnings.

In 1834 the Senate censured President Andrew Jackson for withholding documents related to his defunding the Bank of the United States.

Censorship may be a better option to start uniting the country if there are enough facts to support a bill of particulars for impeachment — and remove President Trump from office in the 2020 presidential election — unless of course, there is enough evidence for the Democrats to convince the 20 Republican Senators necessary to meet the two-thirds majority of the Senate needed to impeach the president.

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