Looking at the remains of the Jericho walls of Biblical fame — that came tumbling down — Trump’s Wall and the U.S. government shutdown it has created naturally came to mind. I was in Palestine last week visiting Biblical sites in Jericho and Bethlehem.

The Walls of Jericho are under the cable car I had just ridden to the top of Mount Temptation, the mountain on which Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted by the devil to sin. A timely metaphor on how easy it is to sin and get over, under or around a wall.

While in Israel, I had driven past the border wall separating Israel from the West Bank and the high-tech electrified fences on the Golan Heights separating Israel from Syria and Lebanon just after a missile was fired from Syria and intercepted by Israel’s cyber Iron Dome — not a wall or fence!

The walls of Jericho, like the Great Wall of China, failed to keep intruders out. The guards at the gates of the Great Wall were bribed to keep the gates unlocked and walla, problem solved. Even the security wall and electrified smart fences in Israel fail to keep unwelcome guests and projectiles out. They are not fool proof or effective in preventing terrorist tunnels or kites with tails soaked in gasoline and ablaze from entering Israel, creating fear and havoc.

The futility of border walls is a subject I wrote at length about in Custom Maid Revolution for New World Disorder, published in 2014. Determined immigrants, criminals and terrorists will always find a way to get around, under, above or through legitimate ports of entry.

All immigrants are happy to pay taxes, and most take on jobs no citizens want or that require specialized skills the host country lacks. That is not only true in America, but Europe, Japan, China and Israel!

Most immigrants, legal and illegal, have relatives or friends that are more than happy to sponsor and support them. Those that don’t, rather than just depositing them at bus depots and losing track of them after they have been processed, should be given tax-paying smart-identity cards that makes them tax payers while they wait for their asylum hearing dates and take on jobs no one else wants. Employers who employ people without such smart-tax-paying cards should be severely penalized criminally.

Walls and fences alone will not stop immigrants, terrorists, criminals and legitimate asylum seekers from entering the country of their destination.

Immigration, legal and illegal, cannot be stopped. It can only be managed and controlled smartly. With smart cards, cyber technology and a compassionate immigration policy that deals with the reality of human nature and historical migration patterns, rather than irrational purely political policies that cost taxpayers millions of wasted dollars that do nothing to stop illegal migration.

The shattered Biblical walls of Jericho are a historical reminder of this historical fact and modern day reality!

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