The Rule of Law

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“The rule of law” means the law rules. Not the political elite. No one is above the law in America. The Founding Fathers created a nation of equals in the eyes of the law. All are subject to the same standards of law. Clintons, Congress, FBI, Trumps and their legal counselors and enforcers. Lawyers, of all people, who have studied the law know this.

Michael Cohen knows this and admitted as much when facing the judge who sent him to jail for thinking he was above the law. Cohen told the judge that he had lost his moral compass and that he hoped that he would be “remembered in history as helping to bring this country back together.”

He very well may.

Judge Emmet Sullivan, the federal judge presiding over former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s sentencing hearing, made his disgust at those who think they are above the law — crystal clear. No one is above the law. No one can break the law without paying the legal price.

The Trump Foundation found that out on Tuesday, when it reached a deal to go out of business for breaking the law, and agreed to distribute the remaining $1.7 million in remaining assets to other nonprofit groups.

President Trump is finding out that even the President of the United States is not above the law.

What about the Clinton Foundation run by two lawyers who know the law but think they are above it?

What about the private server former secretary of state Clinton had knowingly breaking the law and thinking she was above it?

What about the FBI officials who are lawyers who know the law but think they are above it?

What about the members of Congress, many of whom are lawyers, who know the law but think they are above it?

Granted the law is not always applied equally! Whether it be the rich kid whose family is connected politically, compared to the poor kid whose family is trying to make ends meet to have time for career politicians. Or the well-connected career politicians, like former president Clinton and former secretary of state Clinton, compared to career-politician bashing first time politician President Trump.

Former attorney general Loretta Lynch and former FBI director James Comey are lawyers who are not above the law either.

The rule of law is what makes America great. The rule of law is what makes America the “Beacon on the Hill” for all human legal rights – even though America doesn’t always practice what it preaches.

Isn’t it time we start long overdue?

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