Healthy Air Needed for US-China Space

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When America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they had in mind a reset button to review the republic’s domestic and foreign affairs periodically, paving the way for a government of the People, for the People, by the people. The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President and Vice-President, […]

We Shall Overcome

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What a week! Monday, Martin Luther King Jnr. Day, Wednesday, Inauguration Day for President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, attended by former presidents, Clinton, George W, and Obama – and Pence – without Trump who attended his Departure Ceremony, with a military parade and fly-over. A national first. Is anyone really surprised? The […]

America: “We Have a Problem!”

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Washington D.C., America’s Capitol, attacked while the Vice President is overseeing the certification of Electoral College votes on January 6; FBI warned of violence; Capitol police enabling insurrection; trained and armed veterans, elected and law enforcement officials on the front lines of the Capitol invaders; manhunts for Capitol invaders and Biden supporters; Trump facing a […]

Dueling Electors – An American Tradition

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America’s Founding Fathers were stubbornly argumentative in their debates about the government they were creating. Not only verbally, but also physically. They challenged each other to pistol duels, resulting in Alexander Hamilton’s death. That passion for duels has since found its way into the Electoral College they devised. Electoral College votes are allocated to the […]