Concern about Masked Covid Generation Kids

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With many schools opening online, school-kids wearing masks, social distancing or isolating at home, glued to online devices during the Covid pandemic, racial justice protests, ugly presidential race, floods and fires in everyone’s face on social media and fake news, condensed to two-minutes or less of self-serving biased spins, I hate to think what this […]

Kamala Harris, Living the American Dream

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Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, is what America’s Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution – and their successors who adopted the 19th-Amendment to the Constitution, that granted women the right to vote. Born in Oakland, California in 1964, to immigrant parents, her mother Shyamala Gopalan, a breast cancer researcher from India, […]

Time to Change Cancel Culture

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The extreme political correctness of today’s Cancel Culture is making an alarming impact on human interaction. The new norms of speech and debate are debilitating, isolationist, and self-destructive. Cancel Culture is a human trait. It is an evolutionary generational social change that has to be accepted and modified when necessary for humanity to have an […]

Behind Closed Doors

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Hearing the news earlier this month that the European Union had unexpectedly reached a compromise and consensus with a 750 billion Euros financial plan on how to deal with its deepest economic crisis since the end of World War II – Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery – I couldn’t help wonder what deals were cut behind […]

Living a Sino-U.S. Conundrum

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As an American-Hongkonger lawyer-writer living in Hong Kong, China, who writes about the importance of a U.S.-China global partnership to lead the world away from Armageddon, these are indeed trying and troubling times. Stay in Hong Kong Kong with its new security law that is scaring the beejeezuz out of political writers, or head back […]