A Two-Horse Race With A Wagging Dog on the Horizon

The Democratic Party race to be the party Standard Bearer to determine who will challenge the Commander in Chief, President Trump, has boiled down to a two-horse race between two septuagenarians. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

President Trump commands several military options from the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mullahs in Iran, Bro Kim in North Korea, to Bigger Bro Xi, in the South China Sea.

The movie Wag the Dog and “You don’t change horses ….” the re-election political slogan of the incumbent president, comes to mind, as a war is started to insure his re-election.

The Democratic Party has switched horses. It jumped off Corporate Democrat Biden when he acted lame, put their money on Bloomberg, but when he stumbled at the debates and never made it to the finishing line on Super Tuesday, even though the polls indicated he would do well, the Party jumped back on the Biden horse in South Carolina to stop People Independent Sanders from winning a fourth race, after Iowa, new Hamppshire and Nevada.

Bernie and his horse were left in the dust with his team cleaning up after their horse.

Just another fixed race.

Corporate Democrat Biden Horse, beat People’s Sanders Horse, because the Democratic political establishment, infrastructure and money, bet heavily on Biden. Especially the Obama, Clinton and DNC backed and financed by corporate America, most of it based in Delaware, the state Biden represented as a Senator. A state where corporate America’s 1% has an interest against Sanders 99% and their states.

The two Democratic American stallions, Democrat Biden and Independent Sanders, are down the primary track and the barn doors have closed behind them, with the Democratic establishment digital platforms, machines, former presidential contenders, establishment politicians and their jockeys falling  in line behind a lame and faltering Biden.


The young fillies, former First Ladies Michele Obama and Hilary Clinton, who are both positioning themselves to move back into the White House as President.

My money is on Michele.

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