Shelter Solution for All.

Custom Maid Housing for New World Disorder is a housing solution Manifesto, for buyers, renters and the homeless. It proposes a long-term solution for building affordable housing profitably for all people —- buyers, renters and the homeless — by forming a partnership between the private sector and government, managed and administered by private sector bankers and real estate executives.

America and China, the world’s two leading economies, weathered violent street protests starting in 2019, in Hong Kong, China, and culminating on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C., U.S.A. These protests that were reflected in others that took place globally, throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

A common underlying anger and frustration voiced and echoed was the lack of affordable housing. Buyers and renters, even when gainfully employed, were despairing at their inability to find affordable housing. The Housing Subsidy Solution (“HSS”) is a housing solution that benefits home buyers, renters, developers, landlords, and real estate professionals; one that makes housing affordable to homeowners, renters and the homeless, while promising the developer-landlord, and real estate professionals, a reasonable return on their investment.

HSS starts with the premise that no person wanting to buy or rent a home should pay more than a quarter of their income in either mortgage or rent.

Still, the developer, landlord and seller should be able to make a reasonable return on their investment. The amount, in excess of what the person renting or buying the property would pay, would be subsidized by the HHS’s Housing Subsidy Fund (HSF), with funds and tax benefits coming from a collective of five parties:

1. Agencies at all levels of government including -but not limited to – city, county, state and federal, that can provide Workforce Housing for teachers, first responders, government employees and other essential workers, offer grants and tax benefits to landlords and developers, and to employers who provide Company Housing to their employees;

2. Fund raising from public and private foundations, philanthropic organizations, and individuals, including crowdfunding for small donors that wish to contribute to the HSF.

3. Developers and landlords contributing a few basis points of the sales and rental price of their properties, and redirecting a portion of their charitable contributions to the HSF;

4. Financial institutions and their charities -especially those involved in the housing sector making mortgage and construction loans, or underwriting public housing and infrastructure bonds – allocating a few basis points of every loan to the fund, and also offering reverse mortgages to new buyers who, on average, move to a new house every five to 10 years, and;

5. Houses of worship and their charities, of all denominations, that enjoy tax-exempt status, should contribute up to 50% of donations received for the “provision of housing” for the needy as one of the conditions for such tax-exempt status – something most of them don’t, though thankfully, some do. If you are interested in building affordable housing profitably for all, then,

Get on Board,
Housing Patriot
Continue Being Politically Ignored.


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