The role of trees as critical carbon-tanks for carbon sources we must get rid of if humanity is to survive is closely analyzed.

Climate apocalypse, Texas deep-freeze, water shortages as the cause for civil conflicts and wars–from California-Oregon, Lake Powell– the witchery to find water in California, as Siberia burns, rising sea levels, islands drowning, micro-plastics, floods, diet changes, climate solutions, Fukushima nuclear waste discharge into the Pacific, Climate Change challenges and its impact on the next stock crash, China’s energy crisis, global delusions, climate changes impact on energy company board elections, Green elections in Norway and Germany, and how the world is turning green, climate urgency, wind farms; and asking whether billionaires can lead climate fight?

Chapter four points out how the U.S. and China can cooperate on climate, space, and other mutually beneficial co-operative programs, as they stop building additional barriers, and start breaking-down existing ones.

Mother Nature’s revenge, from climate change to pandemics is scrutinized, to the lead up to a lab accident causing Covid-19, possible cover-up, the Mojiang miners, unfrozen tundra and possible release of virus for pandemic, coronavirus being in the US in 2019, failure of U.S. spy capabilities in China, why we have to learn to live with pandemics; the new normal world order, from US-China relations, to employer-employee relationships, lying flat in China, and the painful cost of isolation and other pandemic-induced realities.


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