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Custom Maid Books is a solution-oriented educational platform addressing the most pressing socio-economic-political issues of our times, starting with unaffordable housing – the #1 common denominator perpetuating global unrest.

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Breaking Housing Matters, a registered AZ US 501(c)3 - a grassroots housing movement coordinating with local officials and stakeholder groups to achieve affordable housing profitably. And we will be launching our inaugural Breaking Housing Matters events on February 29 Morning in Rutland VT, with a follow up event in Worcester, Mass. in the evening.


Custom Maid Housing:
For New World Disorder

“Shelter Solution for All” is a housing manifesto proposing a partnership between the private sector, government, and financial institutions to build affordable housing for buyers, renters, and the homeless. It addresses the global issue of affordable housing, highlighted by protests worldwide, including Hong Kong and Washington D.C. The Housing Subsidy Solution (HSS) ensures that individuals pay no more than a quarter of their income on mortgage or rent, benefiting home buyers, renters, developers, landlords, and real estate professionals. The HSS is funded through a collective effort involving government agencies, foundations, developers, financial institutions, and charitable contributions from houses of worship. It aims to provide affordable housing while ensuring a reasonable return on investment for stakeholders.

This book emphasizes the importance of affordable housing as a common concern for buyers and renters, leading to frustration and despair despite stable employment. It proposes that excess costs beyond what individuals can afford be subsidized by the Housing Subsidy Fund (HSF). Contributions to the HSF come from government agencies, foundations, crowdfunding, developers, financial institutions, and houses of worship. The manifesto urges individuals to support the cause of affordable housing and emphasizes the opportunity for stakeholders to make a difference by joining the initiative or risk being politically ignored.

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Peter G. de Krassel



Peter G. de Krassel

Custom Maid Books founder and author Peter de Krassel is a strategic thought leader, consultant, and contemporary social commentator with a long-standing pulse on international affairs, especially those related to the American and Chinese political systems. An American real estate lawyer and political activist with a fascinating life story, de Krassel has been a resident of Hong Kong, Manila, and Shanghai since 1998.

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