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Author Peter de Krassel is a strategic consultant, contemporary social commentator and guest columnist for the South China Morning Post and China Daily. His finger has been on the international political pulse for decades and his insider’s take on current affairs is sharp and insightful.



What Is Custom Maid Books?

 Custom Maid Books is a solution-oriented educational platform focused on both the American and Chinese political systems. 
We examine the intersection between capitalist democracy (U.S) and socialist authoritarianism (China) to propose solutions to some of the most pressing socio economic issues of our time– starting with the #1 common denominator that perpetuates global unrest: Housing. Countless other issues are close behind, i.e. US-China relations, women, climate, disease, war, and the list goes on… But everyone needs a roof. That’s why at Custom Maid, we say it is time we start Breaking (down) Rent Matters.
Our name “Custom Maid” invites people around the world to question why We The People are constantly cleaning up the messes that career politicians make. 
In summary, Custom Maid Books tackles those thorny, hot button issues in an attempt to leave a more promising future for our children and grandchildren than if we were to just (continue to) sit back and expect someone else to “clean up the mess.”
One question remains: Are you a solution-oriented thought leader ready and willing to pick up a broom alongside us? HA.

What is Breaking Rent Matters?

 Breaking Rent Matters, an initiative of Custom Maid Books, is a growing community focused on solving the affordable housing crisis worldwide. Breaking Rent Matters is detailed in Chapter 8 of de Krassel’s forthcoming book, “Custom Maid Backspin” and comes to life in the form of a customized online survey and series of virtual focus groups that capture feedback from diverse stakeholders pertaining to housing policy ideas, especially de Krassel’s proposed Rent Subsidy Act/Rent Subsidy Fund– all leading up to his planned U.S. book and speaking tour summer 2022.

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Custom Maid asks:

“Isn’t it time we, the people, the Maids, stop cleaning up the mess career politicians make and stop paying for the privilege of doing so? Isn’t it time We the Maids, the people, sweep out career politicians and sweep in the revolutionary fires ignited by America’s Founding Fathers and sweep back their ideals in the twenty-first century? Isn’t it time America’s dysfunctional political establishment is swept away by We the Maids?

These difficult and complex topics are tackled with humor and personal anecdotes which make the Custom Maid trilogy an easy-to-follow, highly informative and enjoyable read