Backspin proposes that America and China blend and fuse the best of their political and economic systems to introduce Compassionate Capitalism as their new joint vision and mission for the world.

My book Custom Maid for New World Disorder, published in 2004, was republished the following year with a new cover with the word spin added to the title. Everything else in the two editions remained identical.

The reason for this reincarnation as Custom Maid Spin for New World Disorder was the virtual explosion of the Internet and social media.  The meteoric development of the World Wide Web, social media platforms and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11, created a new world of spin: what we today commonly refer to as “fake news.”

The astronomical growth in the volume of fake news since 9/11 culminated in 1/6 – the day when America’s Capitol was attacked and invaded for the first time by angry citizens. Five people died in that melee; hundreds were hurt, arrested and a lot more became disillusioned with political establishments as the world watched in disbelief what “democratic” America has suddenly become.

P.S: Individual chapters of my latest book are available as standalone digital booklets.


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