The middle way
Trump’s ‘elector’ episode​​
One brick at a time
HK Police recognized for professionalism globally
Greedy property developers to blame for discontent
Fighting on the front lines in Hong Kong and Istanbul
Worries over security law may open floodgates to brain drain
How Trump divided a nation but united the Democrats
How Trump’s fear, and loathing of mail-in voting, threatens US stability
Dueling Electors – An American Tradition​
Five Minutes with
Peter G. de Krassel
Taking care of business in crisis: it's the HK way
Real democracy is still going strong, despite pandemic crisis and US election ugliness
To improve relations with the US, China should rethink its Hong Kong strategy​
Could US Capitol invasion signal the start of the third American revolution?
Why the US must restore Hong Kong’s special trade status​
Democracy alive and kicking despite some frustrations
Tycoons should recycle their wealth back into HK

CHINA DAILY HK EDITION Now that Hong Kong people’s focus is back on business, after months of political news, the business news they are confronted with is not encouraging because it is mostly bad. Business conditions and the environment in Hong Kong are steadily deteriorating. The Nikkei Hong Kong Purchasing Managers Index, which tracks the…

Improving English fluency in HK is crucial for success

CHINA DAILY HK EDITION I get numerous Cantonese robocalls that I usually answer, not only because the callers show up as “Unknown” on my phone, but because of my ongoing quest to gauge how unknown basic English is by local callers as well. “Speak English ….” Before I can even get to the “Please?” the…

US tax reform could have strong effect on HK

CHINA DAILY HK EDITION What impact, if any, will the Republican tax reform signed into law just before Christmas have on United States companies doing business in Hong Kong, and the city’s coffers? Hong Kong with its low tax rate of 15 percent has attracted a significant number of US companies to locate their overseas…


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