America’s Founding Fathers were the greatest revolutionaries of modern times. They created a Constitution and country that formalized the basic principles and rights of humanity that have been idealized and aspired to be achieved by all people. The democratic theory that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed is the foundation stone of America — its Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The popular will of the people remains the ultimate court of appeal. The people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria have reminded us of these inalienable rights and universal truths — ideals the Founding Fathers embraced, but which are no longer practiced by We the Apathetic Maids in America, or China and many other countries. It is time for America to recalibrate its constitutional ideals, back to the Founding Fathers’ basics. Starting with getting God out of politics.

The principal of federalism and state rights, a concept adopted from Native American political practices blended and fused with European Enlightenment ideals, is what distinguishes the United States of America from other forms of government based solely on European, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Arabic, African or Islamic Enlightenment.

The Civil War that resulted in the abolition of slavery in America was the nation’s Second Revolution — a much bloodier revolution than the first. Hopefully, the nation’s Third Revolution, unlike the first two, will be bloodless.

The French Revolution was seeded by the American Revolution. Just like the specter of state bankruptcy, because of France’s debt burden, in no small part caused by France’s military and economic support of America’s War of Independence, triggered the French Revolution in the wake of the American Revolution, an overburdened, debt-ridden America, politically bankrupt China and other nations that are economically or politically bankrupt, or both, have triggered the Third American Revolution that will have a far greater inter local global reach and impact than the first two. It is already in its infancy in America, China, Greece, Europe, the Muslim Arab, African, Asian worlds and beyond.

The history of world civilisations has been transformed by political revolutions, peaceful, violent, religious and organic, that created today’s political systems as we know them. The historic fabric of every country is rich with revolutionary changes. The idea of revolution is ingrained in human DNA as part of our political thought process. Political change comes about when People Power is ignited. Just as government impotence, social injustice, corruption, unfair taxation, excessive debt, unemployment and thwarted aspiration brought about the American and French revolutions, they are again actively churning the Third American Revolution sweeping across the Seven Seas to ferret out the neo-feudalism that has been imposed on the wage-slaves of America, China and other freedom-loving countries under the guise of globalization by the well-entrenched plutocracies.


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