Laws are written by the powers-that-be, whether in Beijing, Washington DC, or anywhere else, to protect the powers-that-be. The underlying driver: racism. National and global.

This chapter takes an in-depth look at the Derek Chauvin trial that highlighted systematic racism, qualified immunity, sickle cell as a genetic alibi for law enforcement, police reform laws, defunding police debate, police reforms, anti-Semitism…

We also look at White extremists serving in law enforcement and the military, reparations for descendants of slaves, critical race theory, how the White press historically stigmatized Black America, Trump’s attempt to steal the election and the “Last Line of Defense”
at the Department of Justice.

We examine the second impeachment of Trump, why racism still reigns, and the different tools to tackle racism, locally, nationally and globally.

While each chapter of my new book explores pressing issues, there is no greater common denominator than housing. We all need a roof.


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