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Custom Maid Backspin for New World Disorder is FREE to my readers who buy Custom Maid Spin for New World Order between now and December 31, 2021.

Any one who buys Custom Maid Spin will have Backspin pre-ordered and will get Backspin for FREE when it is released. All proceeds from sales through December 31 go to homeless people and pet charities.

The title of this blog – and the blog itself – is an introduction and explanation of the book Custom Maid Backspin for New World Disorder, the book I am now writing, that is the second edition of Custom Maid Spin for New World Order and Custom Maid for New World Disorder, explained in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

A year after I published my book Custom Maid for New World Disorder in 2004, it had to be republished, as Custom Maid Spin for New World Disorder. This was made necessary by the virtual explosion of the Internet and social media. The only difference between the two books was a new cover with the word Spin added. Every other word in both books was identical.

The meteoric development of the World Wide Web, social media platforms and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after 911, created a new world of spin: what we commonly refer to today as “fake news.”

The astronomical growth in the volume of fake news since 911 culminated on 16 –– the day when America’s Capitol was attacked and invaded for the first time by angry citizens.

Five people died that day, hundreds were hurt, arrested, while a lot more became disillusioned with political establishments everywhere as the world watched the events in a “democratic” America.

But was it a sweet 16 or a bitter one? Was it a civil war, cultural war, or, America redefining herself as the republic’s Founding Fathers intended?

The book is an attempt to try and better understand what happened between 911 and 16, to connect political, religious, legal and sexual dots along the path that led to the attack on the Capitol, where a joint session of both houses of Congress was in session to certify the Electoral College vote to put President Joe Biden in the White House. His predecessor Donald Trump later faced his second impeached trial, for inciting the insurrection and attack on American Democracy, the first president to be impeached after leaving office.

My blogs from 2005 to the publication of Backspin, are signposts that mapped down political, religious, legal, sexual paths and freeways, not only in America, but China and rest of the world. This book captures and crystalizes those pointers to show how We the Maids allowed the career politicians we serve lead us to this mess and to a greater world disorder that is looming on the horizon.

Why Backspin? It is a whack that makes a curvy ball that comes towards you rotate backwards, which in turn imparts an upward force that lifts the ball.

Isn’t it time We the Maids, the people, do a political and economic Backspin to roll back things and lift our game to a new level?

This blog will be my last blog until after my book is published and released at the Hong Kong Book Fair on July 15. 2021. My focus and attention the next few months will be on writing Backspin. For this I apologize, and will offer Custom Maid Backspin for New World Disorder FREE to my readers who buy Custom Maid Spin for New World Order between now and August 1, 2021, before I start writing my blog again.

Two great timely books for our New World Disorder for the price of one!

Proceeds from the sale of the books shall be donated to companion animal and wildlife charities.


If you like this article consider purchasing a book.

Illustration: Mark Caparosa


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