Custom Maid War

Custom Maid War for New World Disorder, In Guns We Trust, is the title of my second book published in 2005. Iraq War, Iran War are chapters 6 and 7 respectively.

I wrote the book in the wake of the U.S invasion and war in Iraq in 2003. At the time, in my first book Custom Maid Spin for New World Disorder, written as the U.S. was preparing to attack Iraq, I predicted it would be the U.S. that would be “Shocked and Awed” in Iraq. Unfortunately, time has proven me correct – in no small part, thanks to Iran.

I for one am therefore not surprised at what is going on in Iran and Iraq and the changing role the U.S. is playing in both.

Now Iraq wants U.S. forces out of Iraq. And the U.S. and Iran are on the precipice of war — on and off! A war that hopefully won’t take place and triggers long overdue dialogue.

Iran has become a major player and participant in the wars in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria and Yemen in particular, with Iran being a major player in all three directly, as well as through its proxies in Lebanon and Gaza. This, as it continues to build its nuclear capability, subjects I have written about extensively in my subsequent books and blogs.

The Bush and Obama U.S. Iran and Iraq policies were a failure.

The Trump policy towards both countries will succeed where his predecessors failed. Knock Iran back on its heels and end U.S. involvement in Iraq. Campaign promises he made when he ran for office in 2016, and one’s he will successfully campaign on again as he heads for re-election.

Iran needs to be knocked back into place before it becomes a nuclear power and the U.S. has no business being in Iraq.

Russia is filling the vacuum the U.S. is leaving behind, much to the chagrin of international relations policy wonks, and will probably suffer the same fate it suffered in Afghanistan. When that happens, and it is only a matter of time, hopefully the U.S. won’t jump back in.

Iraq will devolve into three countries as I predicted in Custom Maid Spin and Iran will shed its theocratic mullah’s veil and become a modern state.

Just give them both the time they need to sort out the mess Britain, France and America created.

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