Why Are Americans Being so Stupid?

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As an American-Hongkonger living in Hong Kong, I am embarrassed being repeatedly asked why Americans are being so stupidly stubborn about face masks and social distancing. This includes conversations with Chinese-Americans and black and white American brothers and sisters in Hong Kong and America. Bottom line, I feel safer living in Hong Kong with its […]

A Two-Horse Race With A Wagging Dog on the Horizon

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The Democratic Party race to be the party Standard Bearer to determine who will challenge the Commander in Chief, President Trump, has boiled down to a two-horse race between two septuagenarians. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. President Trump commands several military options from the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mullahs in Iran, Bro […]

Super Monday and Tuesday Surprises

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I watched from Israel last week’s chaotic Democratic Debate, before Saturday’s South Carolina’s primary and Super Tuesday, where the contentious political campaigning for last Monday’s third Israeli election in a year, sounded much like the Democratic contenders charges and counter-claims. It was ugly in both countries political trenches. Both elections surprising results reminded me of […]

Media Moguls Shoot Out in Arizona

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I was in Prescott, Arizona on Wednesday night, watching the prime time Democratic slugfest of presidential aspirants debate in Nevada, as President Trump fired up his conservative base in nearby Phoenix. Arizona has always been prominent in Trump’s political career because of the importance he places on border security and illegal immigration. Trump went on […]

Bloomberg Could Be The Democratic Nominee

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The Democratic Party is in shambles. It has been conflicted, fractured  and polarized between the progressive and moderate wings of the party since the 2016 Democratic Primary season over Sander’s defeat, because of the Party’s establishment rigging the process in Hilary Clinton’s favor. The progressive wing is now in control of the Democratic Party as […]