Healthy Air Needed for US-China Space

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When America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they had in mind a reset button to review the republic’s domestic and foreign affairs periodically, paving the way for a government of the People, for the People, by the people. The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President and Vice-President, […]

America and China Must Find a Way to Cooperate

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America and China – are in the same political boat. Something both countries must address honestly after the U. S. presidential election – no matter who wins – to prevent both boats from sinking. Both countries are sitting on explosive economic, political and military powder-kegs. The current U.S.-China war of words and trade is fertilizing […]

Living a Sino-U.S. Conundrum

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As an American-Hongkonger lawyer-writer living in Hong Kong, China, who writes about the importance of a U.S.-China global partnership to lead the world away from Armageddon, these are indeed trying and troubling times. Stay in Hong Kong Kong with its new security law that is scaring the beejeezuz out of political writers, or head back […]

Event Postponed Due to Convid-19. Custom Maid Books Rallies Support for Hong Kong Wildlife Charities at the Hong Kong Book Fair

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‘Political Animals’ Unite to Raise Awareness and Funds  For Immediate ReleaseCUSTOM MAID BOOKS – CAL BOOKS Booth # 1B-B35Press Contact: Peter de Krassel +852 9805-1347 Custom Maid Books is supporting Hong Kong wildlife charities to help fight the immoral production and distribution of wildlife products in Hong Kong  Join us at booth # 1B-B35 at the Hong […]

Why Are Americans Being so Stupid?

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As an American-Hongkonger living in Hong Kong, I am embarrassed being repeatedly asked why Americans are being so stupidly stubborn about face masks and social distancing. This includes conversations with Chinese-Americans and black and white American brothers and sisters in Hong Kong and America. Bottom line, I feel safer living in Hong Kong with its […]