To improve relations with the US, China should rethink its Hong Kong strategy

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Pro-Beijing supporters wave the flags of Hong Kong and China outside the Legislative Council on November 12, after China passed a resolution allowing the disqualification of Hong Kong lawmakers deemed insufficiently patriotic. Photo: Bloomberg Hong Kong has become one of the sticking points between China and the US. In the post-Deng era, Beijing has pivoted […]

Hong Kong is U.S.-China Bridge

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Living in Hong Kong as the city-state takes the brunt of the Beijing-Washington escalating war of words and sanctions, I am coming to terms with the meaning of “Being the meat in the sandwich,” and “When two elephants fight, the grass in between gets trampled.” Hong Kongers are experiencing a sense of uncertainty, concern, and […]

Why the US must restore Hong Kong’s special trade status

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Workers at Koon Chun Hing Kee Soy & Sauce Factory in Yuen Long add “Made in China” labels to products to be exported to the US. Photo: Dickson Lee Donald Trump’s move to revoke Hong Kong’s special status is wrong on many levels Joe Biden must get back to business basics by recognising the ‘Made […]

Event Postponed Due to Convid-19. Custom Maid Books Rallies Support for Hong Kong Wildlife Charities at the Hong Kong Book Fair

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‘Political Animals’ Unite to Raise Awareness and Funds  For Immediate ReleaseCUSTOM MAID BOOKS – CAL BOOKS Booth # 1B-B35Press Contact: Peter de Krassel +852 9805-1347 Custom Maid Books is supporting Hong Kong wildlife charities to help fight the immoral production and distribution of wildlife products in Hong Kong  Join us at booth # 1B-B35 at the Hong […]