Turkey is Not a Thanksgiving Turkey

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The war of words that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron are exchanging has raised political rhetoric and tempers in Hong Kong. In the city’s 25,000-strong French community, which is Asia’s largest, it is a topic of conversation at luncheon, cocktail and dinner gatherings, notably after Erdoğan upped the ante […]

Behind Closed Doors

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Hearing the news earlier this month that the European Union had unexpectedly reached a compromise and consensus with a 750 billion Euros financial plan on how to deal with its deepest economic crisis since the end of World War II – Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery – I couldn’t help wonder what deals were cut behind […]


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Existing regional organizations founded in the old world order have to rethink and redefine their purpose. NATO was founded to protect Western Europe from a Soviet bloc invasion. The collapse of the Soviet Union rendered the traditional European-NATO model obsolete. The 28 member organization, added 12 members, including three former Soviet republics after the Soviet […]

The EU Was DOA

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The vision of a united peaceful Europe after World War II, built with billions of dollars in financial aid under America’s Marshall Plan, laid a solid foundation for America’s European expansion strategy — defended by NATO — against the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact countries expansion plans. It was brilliant! A peaceful united Europe, […]