Behind Closed Doors

Hearing the news earlier this month that the European Union had unexpectedly reached a compromise and consensus with a 750 billion Euros financial plan on how to deal with its deepest economic crisis since the end of World War II – Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery – I couldn’t help wonder what deals were cut behind closed doors between the stimulus supporters France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain and the sceptics, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, usually with the support of Germany – structured and driven by the  global pharmaceutical companies based in Europe.

Germany switched sides and cut a deal with France. The plan is to raise commonly issued debt through massive borrowing on capital markets and redistribute it through grants to countries based on need, with few strings attached. Hailed as a “Hamilton” moment. A similar plan was first designed by America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton between the Federal government and states.

Thinking of Hamilton, the song Behind Closed Doors from the musical Hamilton came to mind, questioning the deals being cut behind closed doors by politicians and lobbyists, without the peoples knowledge or consent — and at their expense. Being screwed Behind Closed Doors in the romantically described ways and words of Charlie Rich.

The trillion dollar plus financial bonanzas for medical suppliers, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers as a result of the Covid pandemic, is mind-boggling! Just look at the multi-billion dollar deals being signed by governments with pharmaceutical companies for their yet to be discovered vaccines.

All thanks to deals done behind closed doors, facilitated by seasoned lobbyists. A subject I discuss at length in Custom Maid Spin for New World Disorder, Volume I of my Custom Maid trilogy, published in 2004.

Deals done behind closed doors that will cause more than 1,000,000 deaths worldwide before it is controlled, and millions of more infected survivors, in a restructured economy, brought about by lying politicians, spinning their political yarns to ensure re-election.

Time to open the political doors to listen to people’s concerns and re-structure the process of law making and electing our leaders.


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Illustration: Mark Caparosa

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