Living a Sino-U.S. Conundrum

As an American-Hongkonger lawyer-writer living in Hong Kong, China, who writes about the importance of a U.S.-China global partnership to lead the world away from Armageddon, these are indeed trying and troubling times.

Stay in Hong Kong Kong with its new security law that is scaring the beejeezuz out of political writers, or head back to Covid-infected America?

An Op Ed piece I wrote in last Sunday’s Sunday Morning Post (, shared my concerns about being part of the looming potential Hong Kong brain drain as a result of the new security law, its cease-and-desist or go to China jail mantra, and resulting self-censorship or relocation by news organizations, writers and political activists.

As if that is not enough of a headache, Hong Kong’s critical role as the political, economic and financial gateway and filter to Sino-U.S. and global relations, is also under threat in the midst of the escalating Sino-U.S. saber rattling regarding Hong Kong’s new security law, Taiwan, North Korea, Iran, India, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Tibet, and most importantly – South China Sea – that is ripe for a military confrontation!

Hong Kong is the meat in the Sino-U.S. sandwich. Always has been the meat in a sandwich – and always managed to avoid the killer bites – and will do so again!

I’ll take my chances in Hong Kong rather than my U.S. home state of Arizona. I say that as a couple two doors down from where I live in Hong Kong, are confirmed with Covid and in hospital.

A sad and ironic commentary on how far America has declined as a global leader and ceeded global leadership in the World Covid War to China.

Hopefully, America being America, and China being China, survivor-existential political animals, economic, financial and military issues, will resolve themselves amicably after the U.S. November presidential and congressional elections – that is if they haven’t gone to hell by then with a hot war! The movie Wag the Dog comes to mind.

Trump and Xi are both up to their ears in political and personal shit to sit down and negotiate, while they are pointing their fingers of blame at each other, as they fight for their political survival – as well as that of their parties.

In addition to the bilateral and international issues both Trump and Xi are faced with, religion, race relations and climate change are front and center major domestic headaches, thanks to the Internet and Social Media.

BLM, China Bashing, Xinjiang concentration/educational facilities, Islamaphobia, anti-Semiticism and White Power are political realities long overdue for an honest discussion, debate, or the alternative, more unnecessary violent political domestic and global unrest.

Climate Change, is a subject I have addressed numerous times in my books, blogs and activities going back to 1979. However the floods and weather pattern changes in both America and China, as well as the world, the last few years, confirm what I predicted back in 2009, in Custom Maid Knowledge for New World Disorder, – environmental Armageddon. The U.S. and China must jointly address and lead the world away from earth’s existential precipice.

Working together on a vaccine for Covid-19, and methods to shorten the time for Covid test results, from days to minutes, is a good start.

Hopefully, the only wars we have to worry about at the dawn of 2021, are Covid-19, future pandemics – and Climate Change!

Where I’ll be in 2021 remains to be seen. It is one-hell of a heated conundrum.

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Illustration: Mark Caparosa