We Shall Overcome

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What a week! Monday, Martin Luther King Jnr. Day, Wednesday, Inauguration Day for President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, attended by former presidents, Clinton, George W, and Obama – and Pence – without Trump who attended his Departure Ceremony, with a military parade and fly-over. A national first. Is anyone really surprised? The […]

Dueling Electors

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Link to article America’s Founding Fathers were stubbornly argumentative in their debates about the government they were creating. Not only verbally, but also physically. They challenged each other to pistol duels, resulting in Alexander Hamilton’s death. That passion for duels has since found its way into the Electoral College they devised. Electoral College votes are […]

Living a Sino-U.S. Conundrum

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As an American-Hongkonger lawyer-writer living in Hong Kong, China, who writes about the importance of a U.S.-China global partnership to lead the world away from Armageddon, these are indeed trying and troubling times. Stay in Hong Kong Kong with its new security law that is scaring the beejeezuz out of political writers, or head back […]

Event Postponed Due to Convid-19. Custom Maid Books Rallies Support for Hong Kong Wildlife Charities at the Hong Kong Book Fair

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‘Political Animals’ Unite to Raise Awareness and Funds  For Immediate ReleaseCUSTOM MAID BOOKS – CAL BOOKS Booth # 1B-B35Press Contact: Peter de Krassel  Peter@custommaidbook.com +852 9805-1347 Custom Maid Books is supporting Hong Kong wildlife charities to help fight the immoral production and distribution of wildlife products in Hong Kong  Join us at booth # 1B-B35 at the Hong […]


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America’s Founding Fathers intended, planned and hoped for a U.S. Supreme Court that will be the impartial arbiter of any constitutional question or disagreements between the people, represented individually, by Congress or the President.   That is true impartial justice. Not the political justice the federal district and state local benches have become. Magnified today by […]

Korean Nuclear Crisis, Syria War Crimes and Hezbollah are U.N.’s Fault

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The latest unanimous U.N. Security Council resolution – with the support of China and Russia – imposing the severest sanctions ever on North Korea to punish it for its nuclear proliferation program, has been hailed as a great progressive step to denuclearize the Hermit Kingdom. I respectfully disagree. It is too little too late. More […]

America’s Human Capital First!

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What an Americans First week on both the domestic and international fronts. Trump-Rodmam-Kim “basketball diplomacy,” Trump’s Cuban cigar cut, echoes of former FBI Director Comey’s testimony, Attorney General Sessions testimony, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s expanding investigation, Republican Congressmen practicing baseball being shot at by a disgruntled American, the usual, or is it unusual, presidential tweets, […]