America’s Human & Physical Infrastructure is Third World

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Watching California Governor Gavin Newsom, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, take matters into their own State’s hands to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic — not wait for the gridlocked partisan federal government – White House, Congress, Bureaucratic Agencies or Supreme Court, is a refreshing reminder of the State Rights given US by the Founding Fathers in the […]

Democrats and American Democracy

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The number and diversity of the 18 Democratic candidates seeking the Democratic Party nomination in 2020, with others that may join, is representative of how American democracy works. By offering the voting public an American buffet of political choices. Old, young, male, female, straight, gay, Anglo, African American, Asian, Latino, rich and middle-class. Religion irrelevant. […]

Republican Tax Fraud!

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The Republican Tax Reform legislation is a fraud! A fraud yet again perpetrated on the American people by their Republican wealthy-representatives in Congress. The bill should be vetoed, Mr. President. It does not represent what you promised America. You do not want this tax bill to be your first year’s signature legislation. Think about your […]

Buy and Hire American

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The political slogan “Buy American and Hire American” got President Trump into the White House and gave the Republicans control of Congress. Sipping my morning coffee in Prescott, Arizona, reading, listening and watching the partisan political clashes taking place in Washington D.C., reminded me of the same battles when President Bill Clinton was investigated and […]

Twitter Twit’s Legal Twix

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Neither the Democratic nor Republican parties were happy with the election of the Twitter Twit — President Donald Trump. The only people who were happy were America’s populist citizens. America’s Founding Fathers were concerned about populist politics and put the Electoral College in place to protect the Republic from populism. The Electoral College put President […]