America and China Must Find a Way to Cooperate

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America and China – are in the same political boat. Something both countries must address honestly after the U. S. presidential election – no matter who wins – to prevent both boats from sinking. Both countries are sitting on explosive economic, political and military powder-kegs. The current U.S.-China war of words and trade is fertilizing […]

U.N. is Outdated Irrelevant Dinosaur

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The United Nations is being lauded with praise, criticism and questions about its relevance and future as it celebrates its 75th anniversary this week. In my book Custom Maid Knowledge, I dedicated a whole chapter on why the U.N. has outlasted its sell-by-date. Chapter 4, U.N.-Funded Failures, spells out the reasons I advocate its demise […]

Bashar al-Assad Is a War Criminal

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Britain is right in its efforts to strip Asma al-Assad, wife of the butcher Bashar, of her British citizenship because of her support of her husband, regime and crimes against humanity. Russia is wrong in vetoing U.N. Security Council resolutions to indict al-Assad for his war crimes. The International Criminal Court is wrong for not […]

Tea for Two Needy Global Partners

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The informal first face-to-face get-to-know summit meeting between impulsive President Donald Trump and cautious President Xi Jinping – two strong-willed men — at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s luxury Florida Winter White House, on April 6-7, laid the right foundation and tone for Sino-U.S. relations. It was important for the two leaders, teetotaller Trump and tea drinker Xi, […]

Globalization & Federal Reserve Need a 21st-century Disruptive Fix

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America’s led global trade and Federal Reserve policies have failed America and capitalism worldwide. The deepening divide in America and across the globe must be bridged if America and humanity are to survive the 21st-century. The world’s free-trade world economies retreated from openness between 1914 and 1950. They are doing so again because globalization has […]

Political Establishment Still Rules

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The weekend of March 24-26, 2017, was a reminder that the Deep Political Establishment unofficial government in Washington D.C., Beijing and Hong Kong, still rule and dominate political and economic policies — and peoples’ lives — across the Pacific Ocean at the dawn of the 21st-century. Donald Trump, the anti-establishment candidate and president, experienced his […]

China’s Axis of Trade Based in Hong Kong

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President Xi Jinping’s royal reception in Britain last week, is a golden opportunity for China to trump America and its 12 nation Trans Pacific Partnership – agreed but not yet ratified confidential outline agreement — aimed to elevate America and Japan as the lead economies in Asia, and brake China’s ascent as a global leader. […]

America’s Unfocused Flashpoint

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The Obama administration launched its first-term foreign policy with the president making his historic speech at Cairo University. Some experts cite that speech as the spark that ignited the Arab cleansing. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed to Beijing and other Asian capitals on her first foreign overseas trip in 2009, putting the world […]