Sino-American War of Unintended Consequences

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Presidents Trump and Xi are facing political headwinds at home, both within their respective political parties — and domestic front with the public at large. To distract their political constituencies from their trade war, domestic economic recessions and unemployment brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, they are  flexing their military muscles in the South China […]

Is Communist Party Power Struggle Spilling Onto Streets of Hong Kong?

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China has repeatedly accused Western “Black Hands,” the U.S. and U.K. in particular, of being the financial backers and provocateurs of the violent street protests in Hong Kong, in what first started as protests against the government’s now withdrawn extradition law – that have now turned into protests demanding democracy. America has been blamed for […]

2017-2018 – Years of Fears & Tears

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The year 2017 ended with fearful-tearful political changes, religious conflicts, terrorism and climate change that brought fear to people’s hearts and tears to their eyes — everywhere. Fear was an emotion everyone felt in one way or another. Just a matter of degrees. Deep personal emotional fear to random superficial sympathetic fear, for different personal […]

America-Asia First!

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America’s resolve was brought home by President Trump in Asia. His opening speeches in Japan at the beginning of his Asia – “Indo-Pacific” – tour, reminded the world of America’s top priorities. Military and economic, in the multi-billion dollar trade deals in arms, while criticizing the multi-billion dollar trade deficit between the two countries, South […]