Sino-American War of Unintended Consequences

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Presidents Trump and Xi are facing political headwinds at home, both within their respective political parties — and domestic front with the public at large. To distract their political constituencies from their trade war, domestic economic recessions and unemployment brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, they are  flexing their military muscles in the South China […]

Before airlines take to the skies again, assess their role in climate change

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As health measures such as air travel restrictions are being relaxed in countries amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, I wonder what airlines will do to recoup losses when people, in the millions, begin to travel again. Would they pack passengers to the maximum, like sardines, as they used to do in the pre-pandemic days? Seating […]

Is Communist Party Power Struggle Spilling Onto Streets of Hong Kong?

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China has repeatedly accused Western “Black Hands,” the U.S. and U.K. in particular, of being the financial backers and provocateurs of the violent street protests in Hong Kong, in what first started as protests against the government’s now withdrawn extradition law – that have now turned into protests demanding democracy. America has been blamed for […]

Hong Kong Democracy Trumps Beijing

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The record Hong Kong voter turnout of 71.2 percent of the 4.1 million registered voters in last Sunday’s 18 District Council elections, in which the pro-democratic candidates crushed their pro-government opponents who had dominated the district council seats, was a stunning victory for democracy.  The pan-democrats won 17 of the 18 districts. The plural noun […]