No Deal Brexit Looms

A No-Deal Brexit is a real possibility. The leading contenders to succeed Prime Minister May’s Tory leadership, have no intention to carry out Brexit in a “cordially and orderly” manner, unless they get the concessions they want. All have made it clear Brexit shall take place on October 31st. With or without a deal. Happy Halloween!

If the EU wants to survive, it must give Britain the deal it wants. Alternatively, it must do everything it can to ensure a deadlocked Parliament and second referendum — both a possibility as well.

The problem for both the EU and Conservative Party leadership is that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has them both dancing to his hardline “No Deal” Brexit beat.

Brexit voters didn’t expect Britain to still be in the EU when they voted to leave in 2016. They expressed their disgust at the recent European parliamentary elections by abandoning BOTH the Conservative and Labour parties — and voting for the Brexit Party. It was the worst performance ever for the Conservative Party.

The Brexit Party won 32 percent of the vote. With the 29 seats it won, it is now the biggest force in the European Parliament. Not a pretty picture for the Europeans. Brexiteers are entrenched on both sides of the Channel.

A better deal for Britain is in order if Brexit is to be “cordially and orderly.” But unlikely because it will encourage other countries to follow Britain and leave, unless of course, the EU manages to engineer a second referendum because overall, the anti-Brexit nationalists in Scotland and Wales, together with the Greens, took nearly 41 percent of the vote versus the combined 35 percent of the Brexit Party and UK Independence Party.

The upcoming Brexit debates in both the British and European parliaments are going to make the political debates in Congress look like the boring reruns they are.

That is why a No Deal Brexit is a real possibility, with the Trump political reality show in Washington shifting to London and Brussels.

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