Onion, an Easy Cure for Covid-19

I am dumbfounded and flabbergasted. Career politicians, from Washington D.C. to capitols across America – and the world – talk about the lack of ventilators and that it will take a year to 18 months to develop a vaccine for Covid-19.

My cousin Nilly sent me the attached video on how onion can remedy Covid-19.

Yes, ONIONS! That’s right.

Not onion rings, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Onion compress!

Nilly is a naturalist, like me. She was raised by my mother’s sister on nature’s remedies. I was raised by a mother who fed me garlic twice a day as a child, and onions were an integral part of every meal. To this day, I eat garlic and onions regularly.

I don’t blame the politicians for not knowing the virtues of onion.

However, I was appalled that while they went on, this Easter-Passover, with their pontifications, and the Covid-19 pandemic continued to wreak havoc across the globe, millions of tons of onions were being dumped in ditches across America.

Doctors of western medicine, as well as drug company financial backers and their lobbyists, may not endorse this natural cure.

But it is time that political leaders learned to lead.

They must encourage people in these dire times to try simple, and harmless, naturopathic solutions that are available to all at little cost than watching thousands of people and health workers die with no vaccine available to save them.

Let us face it. The human race relied on naturopathy for any infection before the advent of allopathy.

Onions, I would say, should be bought by the USDA and distributed to Americans as an alternative to the non-existing vaccine. Let it also be used for strategic advantages, like China’s mask diplomacy, and given to countries pummeled by the pandemic as part of USAID.

It will also help American farmers.

The onion seems to have the power to fight the current pandemic. It needs to be made known worldwide.

Watch and SHARE this blog and video. Let it go viral.

Stay safe and healthy.

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