China’s Axis of Trade Based in Hong Kong

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President Xi Jinping’s royal reception in Britain last week, is a golden opportunity for China to trump America and its 12 nation Trans Pacific Partnership – agreed but not yet ratified confidential outline agreement — aimed to elevate America and Japan as the lead economies in Asia, and brake China’s ascent as a global leader. […]

America’s Unfocused Flashpoint

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The Obama administration launched its first-term foreign policy with the president making his historic speech at Cairo University. Some experts cite that speech as the spark that ignited the Arab cleansing. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed to Beijing and other Asian capitals on her first foreign overseas trip in 2009, putting the world […]

Necessary Chinese Political Reforms

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China is being subjected to an aggressive stepped-up crackdown on political dissent, a tightening of the authorities’ grip on the media and an increasingly loud chorus for political reform within and outside the ruling hierarchy following the widespread Jasmine Revolutions in the Arab world. There are growing voices within the Communist Party calling for the […]

Free China Trade

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Hong Kong. January 23, 2005. When it comes to free trade Vice President Dick Cheney acts and talks as if America is in the forefront. The global warrior against protectionism. His demands that China open it’s markets to U.S. manufactured products and services sounds like a broken political record. For decades America’s mantra to the […]