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Kamala Harris, Living the American Dream

Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, is what America’s Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution – and their successors who adopted the 19th-Amendment to the Constitution, that granted women the right to vote.

Born in Oakland, California in 1964, to immigrant parents, her mother Shyamala Gopalan, a breast cancer researcher from India, and Donald Harris an economics professor from Jamaica, met while studying at Berkeley at a Civil Rights protest. Kamala is married to a white man, is a seasoned prosecutor, politician and a fellow Hastings alum.

The prosecutor also has a Chinese name: He Jinli, that translates to intricate and beautiful, a name she picked up when she ran for district attorney in San Francisco in 2003.

Harris was the first black woman to be elected district attorney and as attorney general in California, by breaking down barriers and build bridges. As AG, she managed a US$735 million budget and oversaw more than 4,800 lawyers and other employees.

Her moving acceptance speech at the Democratic Party Convention, exemplifies why she has won her political races that landed her in the U.S. Senate, Vice Presidential nomination – and probably the White House.

Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris, is representative and the result of what I described on page 21 in the Introduction to my book Custom Maid Spin for New World Disorder as:

“Immigration, the Information Age and netizens have magnified America’s institutional short comings and multi-ethnic makeup….

“America has undergone a tremendous transformation since the Pilgrims landed. America has changed from vanilla WASP to Cherry Garcia white patched butterfly, with butterfly ballots. Or is it a multicultural scoop of Ooey Gooey cake? Apple pie America is a racial blender of caramelized apple. Rich, heavy and lite.”

An Asian-Black-American woman who may become America’s first woman president. That is the American Dream and promise.

Any American can become president!

Even a woman. How appropriate as we celebrate the 100 Anniversary this week of the adoption of the 19th-Amendment.

How many other countries can say that?

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Illustration: Mark Caparosa

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